Get Ready to have More self-confidence, lose weight, and 
celebrate Summer With Our 6 Week Summer Slimdown Program! 

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What’s The Summer Slimdown Program All About!?
Each session has fun, quick exercises that work to burn the most amount of fat and tighten up each area of your body

You also receive coaching, motivation and accountability. Whenever you are unsure of something or need help regarding the program, just ask, the coaches are here for YOU.

We aren’t interested in getting you short-term results, we want to train and educate you to develop a long-term, healthy and fit lifestyle. 
We don’t starve you, or use crash diets to get temporary results to collect photos for our marketing purposes. We know that for this to be a permanent change, it has to be able to fit into YOUR life
  • Eat better without dieting or feeling deprived
  • ​Lose the weight/fat you haven’t been able to shed for years
  • Get active no matter what shape you are in now
  • Build physical strength and confidence in your body
  • Let go of food confusion, learning what to do and how to do it
  • Get off the diet roller coaster once and for all, and never look back
  • Build fitness into your life without it taking over
  • Achieve and maintain your goals even when life gets busy
  • Meet new people that are on the same path as you
Check Out Our LIFE CHANGING transformations!
See, I like helping my clients set goals and achieve them in as short a time as possible.. But what I like even more is helping them *maintain* their goals for the long term.

You already know that I'm fanatical about delivering results! That’s what we’re known for here at Evolve Fitness Training :-) 

Many of my clients have come to me after working out at big impersonal corporate box gyms, trying different weight loss programs, and restrictive diets without much success.
If that hasn’t happened to you, I’ll bet you know someone who it has happened to, and that's why it is vitally important you read this. Frankly I pride myself on the results we are known for delivering to our clients!
We all, men and women alike, are always performing amazing balancing acts between work, family, and trying to have some semblance of a social life.

Inevitably, we get put on the BACK burner.  Rarely do we make the time to put ourselves first. That's exactly WHY I created The 6 Week Summer Slimdown Program for all the amazing and wonderful MEN and WOMEN!

Ready to put yourself first and give yourself the attention you deserve and so freely give to everyone else?

I create programs that produce quick results and help you lose inches and pounds quickly and easily from the areas of your body where it matters most.  And if it's muscle you're looking to put on, we will work with you to make sure you reach that goal! That’s why I created my 6 Week Summer Slimdown Program and it's the perfect way to start the summer out right!

Actually, there’s a secret reason why this program works so well at helping you lose inches and pounds quickly. 

Yes, I have a SECRET WEAPON!

You see there’s a special way of working out that causes your body to burn twice as much the fat in half the time. It’s known as H.I.I.T. or High Intensity Interval Training and the results from this type of fitness program produce amazing fat loss. It works so well in fact we call it the “After burn” effect.

I'll tell you more about how crazy effective that style of training is in just a minute. 

But first, let me tell you about what you can expect on my all new weight loss program.

I call it "6 Week Summer Slimdown Program" and its fat loss driven workouts and nutrition programming (not diet, I HATE diets) that's designed on average to get you results in only 42 days. 

Classes are unlimited, meaning you can come everyday if you'd like but we recommend attending at least 3 days per week for just 35 minutes

Using the H.I.I.T. training program means not having to workout for hours at a time, boring ineffective “cardio” or going on super low calorie diets. 

Like I said, there's no dieting or starving involved, just good sensible eating which I’ll teach you about and the fun, high energy 35 minute workouts that we deliver here at Evolve Fitness Training. 

I'll give you a list of foods to eat, foods to avoid and foods to exchange so you'll get maximum fat burn from this program. 

This program isn't just about losing inches and weight either. It's about getting lean, tight & toned in your arms, legs, and mid-section. 
What’s Included In The Program?
The number one reason people fail is because they lack the support and accountability needed to keep pushing forward. You will work closely with your coach who will guide you, encourage you, motivate you, keep your head in the game, and hold you accountable to reaching your goals.

Achieve results you couldn't imagine with our 6 Week Summer Slimdown Transformation Program regardless of your current fitness abilities. Our coaches can also modify each workout to fit your specific needs including prior injuries. 
  • ​6 Weeks of Unlimited Team Training + 6 Small Group Training Sessions 
  • ​Custom Nutrition Program geared towards helping you increase energy and feeling great (NOT A DIET!) that still allows you the freedom to indulge in your favorite treats from time to time
  • ​Read-It-And-Eat-It Meal Plan and Grocery List so you don't have to think what to eat next
  • ​Success Manual to ensure you get the most out of your 6 week challenge
  • ​Unlimited Accountability Support and Motivation To Help You Reach Your Goals
  • ​Community & Friendships That Will Give You The Positive Support And Accountability You Need To Succeed
  • ​Private Facebook Group where you and your fellow challengers can support and motivate each other
We are giving each challenge participant TWO FREE InBody Scans ($100 value) - one at the beginning of the challenge and one at the end. This is where we can get exact measurements, shape, body composition, and other insights to best help you succeed in your goals!
Today’s fitness trackers and scales leave us confused about our health and feeling hopeless about reaching our goals. Compare and contrast your before and after your fitness journey. Since fat takes up more volume than muscle, your body shrinks as you shred fat.  
You’ve dedicated the time and you’re putting in the hard work and you’re more than a number on a scale. You’re more than just one dimension. You’re multi-dimensional. Reach your potential
My weight was always up and down. At my heaviest in Mar 2011 at 324 lbs, I went to the Dr and she said I was pre diabetic and needed to lose weight.
I started eating healthier and slowly exercising and started losing the weight. Over the next year I lost about 90 lbs on my own. In June 2012 I did another gyms bootcamp and lost a little more. After that bootcamp my weight was up and down again. I just didn’t have the motivation to keep it off.
My first challenge I lost 27.5 lbs, 14.5 inches, and 6.1% body fat. My 2nd challenge I lost another 23.2 lbs, 14.75 inches and 2.2% body fat. So in less than 5 months I lost 51.7 lbs, 29.25 inches and 11.9% body fat. I went from a size 24W to a 14 in pants and a 4X to XL in tops.
Joining Evolve was the best decision I have ever made. Evolve has not only given me my life back but I have gained friends that are more like family. I look forward to working out and seeing my 9:15 crew. I don’t know what I would do without the love and support of ALL the FitFam everyday.

So here’s me on the left, size 16 jeans, XL tops, pushing 200 pounds at 5’4”. Smiling, but HATING being obese, being stiff and atrophied. One flight of stairs made me out of breath, getting up off the floor HURT, and I was blissfully unaware of the amount of sugar in my Snapple Peach Tea, and what sugar does to the body. 
Then there’s me on the right, size 10 jeans, Medium tops, 165 pounds, smiling because I have energy, can MOVE and DO THINGS, feel GREAT, have less vertigo and better balance, and LOVE results of my hard work! 90% of this change is due to Evolve. The challenge taught me to make goals, to stop quitting, to get my mind right and my body will follow, I grew my own motivation from the coach's leadership, and I learned portion control for the first time in decades. 
At the start of challenge I couldn’t do a jumping jack, had never seen a burpee done, had ZERO motivation, struggled bringing groceries in from the car, couldn’t lift my aging 55 pound dog, was drinking more tea and limeade than water, and was addicted to carbs and sugar. I had been allowing life to take its toll on me, EVOLVE taught me to take back control of my own life! Hallelujah!
March marks one year I’ve been with Evolve fitness and it was the best decision I ever made. I was so nervous to start working out again, but I knew I had to do something and get my health back on track. Not only my physical health but my mental health.I let fear of just living take over and I was ruining my marriage, my friendships and I shut so many people out. I didn’t want to leave the house, I was at my heaviest weight, depressed and not setting a good example for my girls at all. I knew I needed the change but sometimes it’s just easier to put your sweatpants on and wallow in sadness. I kept seeing these posts on fb for Evolve fitness and then a friend posted pics of her results she was getting from this amazing gym and I got curious. After a good pep talk to myself, reminding me that at one point I was in really good shape and encouragement from friends, I signed up. I’m not gonna lie, when I hit that submit button I panicked!!! I had no idea how much my life was soon going to change...for the better! I have lost a total of 30lbs, lots of inches (cause I can’t remember ha), my body is reshaping, toning and it feels amazing. I could barely do sit-ups or pushups and now I can do pushups on my toes because I get stronger n stronger with every work out and do sit-ups without feeling like I’m going to vomit. lol 
I’ve come out of my shell of grief and I’m finding out who this person is staring back at me in the mirror.My husband has said he notices the wonderful changes in me and he feels like he’s got his wife back. I'm happy to say our marriage is better than its ever been. I have mended friendships with those I pushed away and have made so many wonderful new friends. But they aren’t just friends, they are my family!Thank you to the coaches, thank you to my fit fam and thank you to Chris Hallam for opening this gym. A gym where as soon as I walked through the door I felt accepted, encouraged and appreciated. I’ve never felt that anywhere before and trust me...I have a lot of gym memberships under my belt!
Location and Session Times
 When does the program start?
The Challenge start date is July 13th!
 What are the Class Times?
4:45am - 5:20am
5:30am - 6:05am
6:30am - 7:15am Kickboxing (Non-Member Upgrade)
9:15am - 9:50am
4:00pm - 4:35pm
4:45pm - 5:20pm
5:30pm - 6:05pm
6:15pm - 6:50pm Kickboxing (Mon-Thurs, Non-Member Upgrade)
8:00am - 8:35am
9:00am - 9:35am
10:00am - 10:35 am Kickboxing (Non-Member Upgrade)
12:30pm - 1:05pm

 What will be required of me?
We encourage you to workout a minimum of 3x per week for guaranteed results.
Who is the challenge for? 
People from any fitness level can participate in this challenge.
Our coaches can modify each workout to fit your specific needs, including prior injuries or specific dietary needs. 
Participants range from athletes looking to maintain weight and gain muscle to those that have up to 100 or more pounds to lose. 
Where can I participate in the challenge?
Evolve Fitness Training - 11 Finance Drive, Bloomington, IL 61704 
 I haven't exercised in a long time. Can I still participate?
Yes, you certainly can. As a matter of fact... YOU REALLY SHOULD!

Our passionate personal trainers will ensure you can complete the program and get amazing results regardless of your current fitness abilities.

One thing is for certain... by the end of the program you will be 1-3 sizes smaller and will have increased energy. 

That's our GUARANTEE!
I don’t have a lot of weight to lose, can I still join?
Yes, you certainly can, you don’t have to have a lot to lose to participate in our program. 

Some only have their last 5 or 10 pounds to lose and just want the extra accountability and family environment.
Can I still participate if I am currently a member?
Yes you may, you will be priced 50% OFF the weekly payments ($78)
To reserve your spot today...
Pay $1 today to secure your spot until the program starts on July 13th, then pay ONLY $27 per week (Save $100)
Pay in full or take advantage of the 6 easy payments when the challenge starts!
3 Spots Left

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